How can we help?

Customer Care

Our theme support includes bug fixes and questions regarding the theme settings, and features. It does not include integrations with third party apps and theme update installations. If you're looking for help customizing your theme, integrating with third party apps or theme update installations, we recommend hiring a Shopify Expert.

We are available Monday through Friday from 9am – 5pm.

What does your support include?

Our support includes:

  • Answering any questions about Invisible products and the technical capabilities of our products
  • Helping to set up the features that are included in our themes and configuring theme settings
  • Fixing bugs or issues in unmodified theme installs
Can you help with customizations?

Our support does not include:

  • Custom code
  • Code modifications
  • Adding new functionality or third-party plug-ins (including apps)
  • Debugging any errors or functionality issues related to theme customizations or apps

If you are having issues with any customizations or third-part applications we advise reverting back to the original theme or removing the app to restore the default theme

How to check your theme version

How to send a Share Preview Link to your theme

(Never send Admin login, only value set under Preferences)